What should I do if the temperature of the conveyor belt is too high?

The automated assembly line conveyor belt in production is also constantly heating up in the process of continuous contact with the drum. "This kind of high temperature will cause problems with the function of the conveyor belt for a long time. The temperature of the conveyor belt joint can have the highest limit, which generally does not exceed the normal maximum limit. Of course, the maximum acceptable temperature of different conveyor belts is different, and the environment is also limited. Yes, the conveyor belt is in an open area, it will heat up when it is directly exposed to the sun, then in this case, the appearance will dissipate heat faster than a closed workshop. Even if the maximum acceptance temperature is not reached, the continuous use of the transport There are also unfortunate effects.

Even if the specified maximum transport temperature is not reached, it cannot be too close. The additional temperature of the rubber conveyor belt is determined by the rubber curing agent and the added accelerator. In order to ensure a high degree of safety in transporting the goods, most drum manufacturers usually set the temperature of the vulcanized components used in the belt at a higher temperature. This way, when the rod temperature reappears, the transport will not touch, long-term heat resistance is acceptable, and normal conditions are met.