The protection and maintenance of meat shredder machine equipment

With the advancement of science and technology, the domestic food machinery and equipment industry is now developing very rapidly. The emergence of machinery and equipment has reduced manual work, and has gradually been applied to many fields, including kitchen meat slicers. meat shredder machine on the market are not only of good quality, but also simple and durable.

During the operation of the meat shredder machine, it is forbidden to "hand in the meat cutting mouth", and metal hard objects are not allowed to contact, so as to avoid personal injury and damage to the machine. When working, it is necessary to remove the bones in the meat first to avoid damage to the blades of the knife set and damage to the motor.

When the meat cutter is being repaired, do not turn on the switch to avoid danger. In the process of disassembling or cleaning the props, it is forbidden to touch the blade directly with your hands. When disassembling, hold the shafts at both ends of the knife set with your hands. For safety, it is best to wear protective gloves to avoid injury. For personal safety, do not carry out any form of maintenance and maintenance when the machine is running to avoid injury.

All maintenance and maintenance work must be carried out with the power supply cut off. Regularly clean the parts of the meat shredder machine and maintain the running parts so that the parts will not be damaged prematurely. After each cleaning, you can directly flush the knives and augers with hot alkaline water, or disassemble the knife set and augers, and wash them with hot alkaline water. It is strictly forbidden to use the spray pipe to rinse directly. The grease inside the bearing is replaced every six months, and calcium-based lubricant is used. In the process of work, if the sound of the machine is abnormal, it must be stopped immediately for inspection, and work can only be continued after the fault is eliminated.

With the continuous development of my country's basic industry, the quality has been continuously tempered and improved, thus eliminating the initial production machines and ushering in more complete quality machines. Now the meat shredder machine on the domestic market are not only of good quality, simple and durable in operation, but also meet the production requirements.