Steps to consider before purchasing a horizontal slicer

Step 1: Determine how many horizontal slicers you want to buy

        (1-2 units with monthly output value less than 1 million)

        (Monthly output value of 1 to 2 million 2-3 units)

Step 2: Determine whether to buy a three-roller or four-roller horizontal slicer

Step 3: Determine the size of the flattening machine to be purchased (for example, 1M in diameter, 1.2M in diameter)

Step 4: Determine what functional device to add (such as: hydraulic combined knife, plastic surface treatment system, double-sided abdominal protective film, slitter, static eliminator, human-machine interface, magnetic brake tension control system, automatic lack of material Electric eye, standard double feeding rack.)

Step 5: After all the above items are confirmed, you can place an order with a suitable manufacturer