Popular science introduction about breading machine

In terms of working principle, the breading machine and the oven are completely different. Compared with the oven, the breading machine not only has the advantages of automatic feeding, kneading, and reservation, but also can produce rice bread and realize cloud operation. While using an oven to make bread, one is difficult to control the fermentation time, and the other is the labor intensity of kneading, which makes you want to defeat a cook machine... From the point of view of making bread, the breading machine is more trouble-free.

Bread making mainly involves three processes: dough mixing, fermentation, and baking. The breading machine uses a built-in computer program to automate these three processes, using a fixed time and intensity for kneading, fixing the fermentation time, and baking regularly to make bread. For people who are just starting to make bread, the most difficult thing is to grasp the "degree" of each link. Although the bread machine can solve this problem to a certain extent, you still need to explore the best formula and best suit your taste. Of baking time.

The breading machine is equivalent to your rice cooker. However, unlike the rice cooker, you may only need 5 minutes to prepare the bread ingredients, but it takes 2-4 hours to complete a bread making (now some high-end bread machines have a fast bread program, and the shortest bread making time is only 60 minutes. Minutes), so the reservation function of the bread machine is very important. You can't stare at the bread machine for mixing, fermentation, and baking for a few hours, right?