Introduction to the maintenance method of the breading machine

The breading machine oven should not bake bread slices coated with butter to prevent the butter from melting and adhering to the oven cavity. The bread oven should bake fresh bread or bread with a certain humidity, otherwise it will burn easily.Do not cut the freshly baked bread or the bread that has a higher temperature immediately into slices and put it into the toaster to bake, otherwise it will not jump up immediately after baking and block the exit due to the soft bread. After each use of the toaster, wait for the oven body to cool to room temperature before cleaning it. If the surface of the shell is too dirty, wipe it with a semi-dry and semi-wet cloth dipped in some detergent, and then wipe it dry with a soft dry cloth.

Most of the devices in the bread maker are mounted on a frame called the chassis. When repairing or replacing many internal parts (including heating elements), it is necessary to remove the chassis from the shell of the breading machine. The method of disassembling the bread maker is as follows: Remove the lever, knob and fasteners, and then gently lift the shell from the chassis.

Some breadmakers also need to unplug the power cord from the inside before the chassis can be completely removed. Depending on the severity of the breading machine's problem, sometimes the entire chassis may need to be replaced, and sometimes only one or two components need to be replaced.