Introduction to the development trend of vibrating screens

1. Development towards high efficiency and high output: The modernization of industry has promoted the expansion of the scope of enterprises, greatly improved the production capacity of sand making equipment, and matched with high-efficiency and high-capacity screening machines.

2. Development towards standardization, serialization, and generalization: This is a way to facilitate planning, constructing specialized production, ensuring quality and low cost. According to the three different activity trajectories of the vibrating screen, different screening methods are adopted, and in response to the special requirements of various industries in the people's economy, various situations of vibrating screening equipment have been formed, and they have been widely used in the industrial sector.

3. Increase of vibration intensity: The vibration process of the screen machine is gradually strengthened, that is, the vibration parameters of the screen machine are increased to achieve greater speed and acceleration.

4. Development toward light weight, environmental protection, and simplified layout: the old-fashioned vibrating screen in the 1980s is not convenient to change the screen. There are 48 pressing screen bolts per layer, and it takes at least 4 hours to change a screen, and high-mesh powder It is easy to leak out from the bolt. With the continuous improvement of the requirements of the industrial sector on the vibrating screen, the old-fashioned vibrating screen will be gradually eliminated. In order to meet the requirements of the industry and chemical industries, the new vibrating screen should be developed in the direction of lightness, environmental protection and simplified layout.