Introduction to some knowledge of vibrating screen

Vibrating screen is one of the vibrating screens. It is also called linear vibrating screen because of its linear motion, which is different from the circular vibrating screen that performs circular motion. The sand-gravel vibrating screen series produced by our company is a new type of high-yield screening equipment. It has a very good screening effect on the screening and classification of powdery and granular materials. It is suitable for formed products, coated products, minced meat, sliced meat and others meat.

The vibrating screen is composed of a screen box, a multi-layer screen, a vibrator, a vibration damping spring, and a bottom frame. The cylindrical eccentric shaft vibrator is installed on the side panel of the screen box, and the V-belt is driven by the motor to generate power. This series of vibrating screens make the material move circularly on the screen.

Vibrating screen performance characteristics: 1. Due to the strong vibration of the screen box, the phenomenon of material blocking the screen holes is reduced, so that the screen has a higher screening efficiency and productivity. 2. Simple structure, convenient to dismantle and replace the screen surface. 3. Energy saving and consumption reduction, less electricity is consumed for screening each ton of materials.