How to choose a breading machine?

1. Divided by function: divided into two types: ordinary bread maker and rice bread maker. The former can only use flour to make bread, while the latter can use both flour and rice.

2. According to the capacity of the bread bucket: it can be divided into five types. Different families are suitable for the use of breading machine of different capacities. Generally, 500-1000g is the main product for ordinary households, such as 500g, 750g, and 900g. If you need a larger capacity, you can buy breading machine with a capacity of 1250g and 1500g.

3. According to the mixing structure: it is divided into single mixing and double mixing structure. In comparison between the two, a breading machine with a double-mix structure is better.

5. According to the drive motor: it can be divided into DC motor drive and AC motor drive. At present, most breading machine use AC motors. Only a few of them use DC motors.

6. According to the heating method: it can be divided into single heating tube heating, multiple heating tube heating, hot air heating, hot air plus heating tube heating.

7. Divided by sprinkling function: it can be divided into automatic sprinkling and manual sprinkling. Compared with manual spreading, automatic spreading is more intelligent, but there is a downside in that the spreading cannot be adjusted midway.