How much do you know about crumbing machines?

Crumbing machine is a machine that crushes large-sized solid raw materials to the required size. Crumbing machine is composed of coarse crushing, fine crushing, wind conveying and other devices, and achieves the purpose of crumbing machine in the form of high-speed impact. Using wind energy to form powder at one time, the traditional screening procedure is cancelled. Mainly used in mining, building materials and other industries.

When the crumbing machine is in production, the motor drives the main shaft and the turbine to rotate at high speed. The turbine and the grinding blocks on the screen ring form a crushing and grinding pair, which has a compact structure. When the material enters the machine cavity from the feeding hopper, the material entering the machine cavity is tightly rubbed and strongly impacted on the inner edge of the turbine blade in the rotating airflow, and is ground again in the gap between the blade and the grinding block.

While crushing and grinding the material, the turbine sucks in a large amount of air, which cools the machine, grinds the material and conveys the fine material: the fineness of material crushing depends on the nature of the material and the size of the screen, as well as the material and air throughput.