Do you know what a meatball machine is?

The meatball machine generally consists of a meat grinder, a beater, and a forming machine. According to the different meat of the meatballs, beating is divided into high-speed beating machine and slow-speed beating machine.

Taking pork as an example, the pulp is cleaned first, and then minced into minced meat through a meat grinder. Then put it into a high-speed beater to make minced meat, and finally put it into a molding machine to make a round object. The meatball machine is made of stainless steel, the diameter of the meatballs can be freely selected, and the amount of fillings can be adjusted freely.

The meatball machine can greatly improve the production efficiency. It is the most ideal food machine for processing meatballs, vegetarian balls and fish balls. We provide meatball machine products. If you are interested in meatball machines, please contact us to learn more. Related Information.