About the function of the breading machine

The main function of the breading machine is to use raw materials such as flour and rice, as well as other auxiliary materials, to make all kinds of bread. The flavor of the bread is also different if the auxiliary materials are different. The bread made by the breading machine is mainly divided into ordinary bread, French bread, whole wheat or multi-grain bread, Japanese bread, sweet bread, steamed bread, flower rolls, etc. Different brands of breading machine make different breads.

The breading machine can not only make bread, but also make cakes, yogurt, rice wine and so on. The breading machine with manual mode function can also make various shapes of fancy bread, which is very suitable for more professional bread making masters.

General breading machine can make cakes. The principle of making cakes is the same as making bread, but the taste is softer and the recipes are different. With the rise of breading machine in the domestic market, various breading machine brands have gradually developed some new functions on the basis of the original breading machine, such as making yogurt, rice wine, individual kneading, bean paste and other functions. When making yogurt, a sealed cup is required, otherwise, the yogurt will not be fully fermented and nutrients will be wasted.