Application of Exciting Device in Drum Breader Maker

At present, the commonly used vibration excitation device for drum breader is a vibration motor, which is usually installed on a motor mounting horizontal axis at the outlet end of the net grain.
1. The motor and the supporting device as a whole can adjust the orientation on the circumference of the horizontal axis, that is, change the orientation of the vibration motor and change the direction of the exciting force.
2. When the motor rotates, the pendulum rod system generates vibration around the rubber ring, and the inertial force of the motor's heavy 360 degree rotation is almost all balanced by the pendulum inertial force of the pendulum rod system along the vibrating body. , The component along the longitudinal direction of the vibrating body acts on the rubber ring. Realize the conversion of the inertial force of the motor's leaning three hundred and sixty degree rotation to the exciting force of the change on the straight line.
The excitation force of the vibrating body of the bread flour equipment acts on the longitudinal straight line respectively, and the size and direction can be adjusted.